Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Fall into Christmas

Ok, so here are some long awaited photos of fall happenings and Christmas happenings...taken with my phone.  Next up we'll get some more Christmas photos on here that we took with our camera :-)  Baby steps...it's a little busy around here lately!!

First up we've got TT and Greta playing in some leaves back at the beginning of fall.  They had fun standing on this huge pile and then rolling down it!

And.....my birthday!  Party hats, orange cake, lots of love!  I'm at the stage where I don't always remember how old I am anymore, and have to think back to my year of birth to settle on the right day.  Yikes.
During my birthday celebration after work I pointed out something I should NOT have: I found Greta's well loved Strawberry Shortcake doll in the cupboard with the candles.  The reason it was in the cupboard is because it had a broken leg--I thought she had already known about this, but I was wrong.  For quite awhile she was incredibly distraught over this news, and only cried and cried.  Here she is trying not to laugh while she's crying! Eventually I figured out a way to rubber-band Strawberry's broken leg to her, and now Greta uses her new Christmas dolls to take care of this little poor little doll with the broken leg...so eventually it all worked out!

Here are the girls with pictures they made for someone else with a November birthday: Grandpa Paul.  The pictures were so great I wanted to take catch a photo of them before they were put in the mail :-)
Bath time!  Therese is getting more and more brave about getting her hair washed.  For the longest time she would really get anxious when I poured water over her head, but now she's trying to cope a little better, testing out new tactics so the water doesn't get in her eyes :-)  By the way...have I mentioned that she's toilet trained now?!!!  (Well accidents do still occur...) She's a good influence on Greta in this department...who likes to hold it for as long as possible!  At public places I'll take Therese to the bathroom even, and she really never objects, this influences Greta to go ahead and try too, when before it would just be a power struggle not worth having! Thanks TT! She's getting so big! She sometimes corrects me when I call her "Little one" and says, "No, BIG one!"

Over the Christmas season we have lots of weekend festivities in our neighbourhood.  Matthew had to work many Saturdays and Sundays in December, so I was often on my own with the girls.  Here we are on the first Saturday of the horse and carriage rides, walking up to the main street to go board!  The girls were really excited. It was a beautiful, but very, very cold day.


They enjoyed looking at the beautiful horses here, and also later out the windows of our building because the route they take goes right in front of our home every Saturday and Sunday of December!
Walking down the street to run some more errands we passed this tree with Christmas balls and stayed to enjoy it for awhile.

Soon Santa came by!  The girls were both a little shy around him, but more than willing to accept the chocolate he gave out, and Greta was sort of star-struck.  She's right at the age where Santa is a big deal (even though we don't emphasize him that much at home, he's hard to avoid!!!)  The girls talked a lot this season about what they wanted from Santa, how he'd get in our house, what they'd leave him on Christmas Eve, etc etc.  It was so fun to see such twinkles in their eyes! It's a shame we all lose that sense of make believe at some point...I loved absorbing their excitement.

On the horse and carriage ride.
Big smile!!! This "little one" is showing more dimensions of her personality lately...that is, she's showing ANOTHER dimension to her usual sweet personality...a fiesty, short tempered, demanding and impatient side!  At first it only showed itself when she was sick, but lately it's coming out more and more (maybe because she's 2 and a half??)  Watch out for TT when she's in a mood, she can get really riled up!!!

Snow!!!  In December we got a couple of really good snows.
As usual Greta had to get her whole body involved with the snow, face and everything! She's always been this way :-)
Greta was so proud of herself, she built her first snowman and I helped make the face :-) It was such a sweet experience.
TT wanted a picture with the snowman too.  She was a real trooper, given her clothing.  Greta had proper snow pants on, but Therese's "muddy buddies" don't keep out the moisture.  The poor girl was soaked through when we got home, it's a wonder she complained as little as she did!
The girls found a big mound of snow and Therese decided it was her car :-)
I put a face on it!

To me Christmas is not complete without homemade gingerbread cookies.  I have a friend who gave us a bunch of tubes of cookie icing, so we all had fun decorating these when they were done.  Unfortunately, I'm the only one who really likes to EAT them!  I found myself actually throwing the remaining ones away a couple days after Christmas...that was the only way I could avoid the temptation of eating them all myself, and very quickly.  At 6ish months pregnant (or any time) that's probably not the best idea, and seriously, sometimes I have no will power.
My elephant.
Greta and TT's decorating tactics were to put as much icing as possible on each cookie!!!

Our Christmas tree.  I always like to get a picture of it each year so I can look back at it and how our house was etc...I'm sentimental that way!
And of course I had to get a shot of it from another vantage point :-)  I loved the Christmas tree when all was quiet and clean and everyone had gone to bed, it was especially pretty and peaceful then.
I couldn't capture this very well, but I liked seeing the tree lights reflected in my favourite mirror!
These tree shots were taken on Christmas Eve after I had put out all the presents Mom and Shayne had brought from themselves and various family members.  We ended up having so much to open on Christmas morning!!!

Skip forward several days to New Years, and we embarked on our 2nd annual Spaghetti Factory dinner followed by a visit to the lights at Stanley Park!  (Actually we've gone to these lights every year since Greta was born, the restaurant is a recent edition that started last year!)
Therese really loved the Frosty the Snowman characters!

So adorable!
So adorable again!
She wanted to shake hands with this Frosty :-) What a sweetheart.

Last year the big fire truck was a real hit, and this year it was again!  The girls spent lots of time on this (the lights area is sponsored by the Firefighters Burn Fund or something like that...)

Driving the truck!

And later, wearing the uniform and driving the truck!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  More photos to come...we were lucky to have many family visitors to our home to celebrate this year...the next round will show that off :-)

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