Friday, January 31, 2014

Christmas Complete!

This year we celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary!!  Here we are after a night out--my work party was the same night so we had a pretty cheap date and played some pool, came home and ate ice cream :-)  No Europe, Hawaii, Mexico, Victoria, or Seattle...just home sweet home.  There's always another anniversary for a trip! (maybe in 10 more years?!)
Decorating the Christmas tree in their underwear!!  Here they are getting the ornaments out.

We had several Christmas celebrations; the first was with my dad and Linda.

In a new outfit from Grandpa Dan and Grandma Linda!
And cozy pajamas from them too!  Greta LOVES this kind of "footy" pajama...but Therese gets hot easily and doesn't like it.  We ended up cutting the feet off of hers and now she can be a little fuzzy cupcake when she goes to bed :-) (although she does like the pajamas halfway zipped down too!!)
A very practical gift for Matthew, which the girls had fun trying on!
Christmas Eve we put together the Gingerbread house from Grandpa Dan and Grandma Linda!  This was quite a treat, and it's been decided we should do this every year from now on!
It sure was hard for the girls to not eat too much of the candy and the frosting!!
Turkey dinner for Christmas Eve!  Some people at our old church gave us this turkey, along with some other gifts.  What a blessing.  We still have some leftovers in the freezer!  Matthew prepared it well.
This was the first year we had the girls do what I did with my sister growing up: buy each other a Christmas gift and then open it on Christmas Eve.  With our help, Therese picked out this Rainbow Dash pony/doll for Greta and she LOVED it!
Greta got Therese a small pink Care Bear and a duck.  Therese is really into rubber ducks lately, so I was sure it would be a hit...I wasn't so sure about the Care Bear...but Greta knew what she was doing: Therese LOVES that Care Bear!  They often re-thank each other for the gifts they each received :-)
Christmas Eve with Nana Kaka and Grandpa Shayne...totally tired and watching some Christmas cartoons before going to bed.  It really was a nice night.

Therese was exhausted!!! After this they set out cookies and milk for Santa, and when Greta mentioned that we also needed a carrot for Rudolf Therese exclaimed with excitement "Oh yes! A carrot for Rudolf too!!!" It was so fun to listen to!

Christmas morning, the girls were so excited, of course.  But I must say I think Greta was a little let down by Santa...she said "He got me ONE of the things I asked for..."  Really, it's all a bit overwhelming and unsatisfying in the end, isn't it?  She did like her My Little Pony House, though. Oh, and there were TONS of other gifts brought up from Olympia!!

From Santa Therese got a pirate ship...she had been eying it at the store for the last little while--she loves to imitate pirates by saying "Shiver me timbers! Walk the plank!"...but really, I've barely seen her play with this thing since she got it!!

Cinnamon rolls for breakfast!

After opening presents and eating breakfast, mom and Shayne went to visit Shayne's sister.  The four of us relaxed and played at home for a bit, and then some friends came over for the afternoon.
In the evening we went out for a family walk and looked at all the Christmas lights! Therese brought her new Ghost flashlight to light the way, what a helper :-)

Time for our annual family photo shoot...a day or two after Christmas!

Greta was especially squirmy and uncooperative for this, but when we told her she could have one of her kinder egg chocolates from her stocking afterwards she straightened right up :-)
I love these two photos here...the bottom one is the one that made it to the picture frame on our bookshelf.
A few days after Christmas...the girls lounging with the pillows they got from Aunt Jenny and Uncle Dalton...they LOVE these pillows!  They sleep with them every night, often carry them out of bed in the morning, and lately Therese has also been pretending that hers is her newborn baby that just came out of her tummy!

Another Christmas with Nana Judy and Papa Hans...also opening gifts all the way from Grandpa Paul and Grandma Sam in Arizona!

AND.....a couple weeks later we got a post-Christmas visit from Jenny and Dalton, as well as my cousin Breelyn from California.  I hadn't seen her in probably 7 years, and she was kind enough to make the trek up to Vancouver during a Seattle visit.  It was like it'd only been a short while since I'd seen her, we all picked up where we'd left off so easily!  What a treat!

Now...a few more random treats for YOU, reader...some things the girls have been saying that are just so cute, I have to write them down here!

Therese "I wish we could live inside the Christmas tree!"
"Oh, it's so nice! Oh, it's so beautiful!" (the tree...)
"I LOVE you!  He's peeking out of there/sliding around in there/crawling around in there" (referring to baby brother)
"You never know!!"
"Yummy bummy! Hey, bummy's not yummy!!!!!"
"Yucky bucky!"
"How DARE you DO THAT!!!" said with a very angry, snarly scowl, usually in all seriousness
After Christmas, talking about the Advent boxes, "What do we do on the first day of NOT Christmas?"
"When are we gonna grow up mama?" said while eating a popsicle, after mentioning that I thought baby was especially hungry and growing that night

Greta, at bedtime: "I'm going to dream of me and __________ (baby brother's yet to be completely announced name) riding on Rody!" Rody is the girls new blow up donkey
"Oh, the sweetness of peppermint!!" said while eating a candy cane...Greta makes her last FOREVER and Therese chomps hers down in a couple minutes!!!
"I don't think I WANT to have a baby"...said at least twice recently after I complained or shared something pregnancy related to or around Greta!

Also, just the other day the girls were playing "spa" (I guess I gave them the idea awhile ago, having been to the spa maybe TWICE in my life!!!).  I overheard Greta saying to Therese "Oh, your hair looks so beautiful and your nails look so nice too" and I was thinking "Oh no, now they've gotten the nail polish out...I can't believe Therese is letting Greta do her hair" etc...and then Therese walks out into the kitchen with her hands out all dainty, not painted at all, just pretending to be all done up.  Later I go into their room and Greta had filled a cup of water and Therese was dipping a little stick into it and then painting her nails with the water!  The things they come up with!!!  Also, lately they've been doing a "hug walk"...where they walk and hug each other at the same time, chanting "hug walk, hug walk!!!"

These girls have never-ending imaginations!

Happy New Year to all, and Gung Hai Fat Choy--(I think?) (Chinese New Year today, a very big deal in Vancouver!)

I hope to post more soon before this little baby is born and things get a bit crazier.  I am at the point where I'm really really ready to smell and hold and snuggle this little boy...can't wait!!! The girls can't either, they love on him so much already :-)

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  1. Greta looks like such a little girl!! No more toddler at all! The things they said make me actually laugh out loud! "Oh the sweetness of peppermint... ". I love reading about the things they do together, it makes me remember all the things we did. Remember "exercise your feet" and our barbie beauty pageants? Not to mention endless hours of dancing to Phantom of the Opera in complete seriousness.