Monday, November 4, 2013

Halloween and More

 The cowgirl and princess ready for the Halloween carnival that happens yearly down the street from our home...Greta's 4th appearance there!
 Waiting patiently to get her face painted...she went back and forth from here several times before truly sticking it out and getting it done...too many distractions, too much candy to be had!
 Mmmmmm, candy.

 Princess Therese.

 And Greta was very specific about her face paint choice: "a Monarch butterfly" :-)

 Afterwards we played at the park for quite awhile, it was a beautiful day and the girls had fun in the grass with each other and some other friends.

Below: Halloween night a few days later...I had to dress up for work too, so I borrowed this costume the girls had been given by our neighbour, it's too big for them anyway! They had their nanny Sarah with them that afternoon, and when I got home she had them all ready to go!  They had decided at the last minute to be: Greta, the Ice Cream Princess, and Therese, the Flower Fairy/Princess.  They were totally ready to go when I got home, but had to endure some waiting, including this photo shoot before we left for trick-or-treating (Matthew had a class that night so I had to go solo!)

No one cried this year!  The fireworks (or "thunderworks", as Therese calls them...oh, and another Therese-ism is "rainbrella" for umbrella!) did not scare us away.  Therese finished before Greta and decided to just sit in the stroller and watch big sister get more candy, but she was fine with this.  Greta persevered for a few more houses, and then made it clear she was ready to go home.  When we got back home they ate several pieces of candy and Greta promptly had a sugar crash (fell asleep before I could even read her stories!) while Therese tossed and turned on a sugar high for quite awhile!
 Above is a typically scene on the stairs in our building...oh those stairs, such a hurdle to my life! Especially being 5 months pregnant!!!  We all get our exercise, physically, and in terms of patience :-)

Next is a random photo of chef TT, with her play food.  Lately she is really into playing with her toy tomato, who she calls "Bob" (from a kid's show) and "Larry" the cucumber, in addition to her "funny gourd" from Thanksgiving.  They talk (she gives them deep voices), she talks to them, she bathes them in the sink, she puts hair things around them, they sleep with her, etc etc.  They are "my guys!" as she calls them...she's a funny one!
 Another typical scene, the stroller.  This stroller is my life line!  I use it every day.  Sure, Greta is a bit old for a stroller, maybe, but it definitely makes running errands easier, going on the bus easier, getting places on time easier, and cuts down on the "I'm tired, carry me" or, from me "hurry up!" I love this stroller.
 Recently at the park, my wild nature child Greta with her friends.
 And with TT.
 With Erik and Alexander and TT.
 And now...back to Halloween!  Sorry, a bit out of order, but here's Therese at our yearly pumpkin patch visit, looking at the animals, ready for some fun!

 What pumpkin patch visit would be complete without dancing pumpkins? Greta was all about answering the band's questions!  She was super excited about this part!
 And of course we always get a free apple there.

 On the hay ride, ready to choose a pumpkin!

 These pictures are just too cute, I can't choose just one!
 Therese took awhile to choose one she liked, but then was absolutely certain when she saw "the one": a big, green pumpkin! Greta and Matthew were a little more particular, weighing the merits of different pumpkins, taking more time in choosing...

 Driving the big pumpkin tractor!
 And giving big sister a ride!
 Playing around in the hay.
 Greta LOVED this part!
It was a fun outing, as it always is every year.  Happy Fall, Happy Halloween everyone!

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