Saturday, September 21, 2013

End of Summer

As the summer came to a close we enjoyed one last visit to Maple Grove Pool right down the street from us.  Every summer is bitter-sweet at the end: we had some fun times, but it always goes so fast! I don't think we went to the pool enough for sure!

Greta got really accustomed to the water this year.  I think next year she'll be ready for swim lessons!  She always wanted someone to take her to the deeper part so she could float around a bit more :-)
A tradition for every visit this summer: get popsicles at the pool!  Unfortunately on this, our last visit to the pool for the season, someone pooped in it!  So we had to get out early while they cleaned it, and never got to get back in :-( Oh well, we enjoyed it anyway!

Sorry my future TT...had to post this wedgie shot :-)
Many of you have already heard this story, but recently Therese has been giving lots of compliments and saying "I love you!" a lot.  She says things to Matthew like "I like your arms", "I like your fuzzy hair", and to me, "I like your neck"...a few days ago she said to me so sweetly: "I like your hair, it's brown, like poop!" She's such a cutie.
Warming up after the pool and the popsicles!

This is at a different park...but Greta is at the top of that climbing structure! Yikes! What can I do? I can't very well stop her, or catch her if she falls? I guess I just have to trust and look away (still...needed to get a picture!)
Over Labor Day Weekend we went to Seattle because Grandpa Paul and Grandma Sam came up for a visit.  Here are Sam and TT on the way to the zoo!
Uncle Kristen with the kids, pre-zoo park time!
Ida, Poppy, and Therese.
Greta, Grandma Sam, and Grandpa Paul.
Ready to see the animals!


We all got a bit tired at the much to see!  So much walking! Toward the end all the girls wanted to do was just PLAY!!
Greta and Ida spent a lot of time holding hands and walking together, it was really sweet.
Me, baby (soon to find out boy or girl!!) and my girls :-)

Greta really loved the gorillas and this orangatan...they are so human-like and just watch out the glass and kind of smile (or look depressed!)  These two spent a long time looking at each other.

Melissa and Kristen's new place has a really big was so nice to have a lot of time out there when we stayed at their house over the weekend.  The girls especially appreciated having the freedom to go in and major thing that's missing at our place!!

A typical scene back at our home: our creative genius at work (making messes too!)
What in the world is she making? I have no idea.  But it involves cutting ribbons into tiny pieces, using blocks and coloring utensils, scissor, beads, ponies and I think also a little bit of toilet paper!
One of the classes Greta's taking this fall was going to be Scottish Dance...unfortunately it got cancelled! Now she's in a Creative Dance class (maybe more her style?)  We had to get her dance attire, which was very exciting, but Therese was definitely envious.  Fortunately we had this leotard in our dress up stuff for her to wear...she still mentions how she wishes she had the ballet shoes too though :-(  Oh the privileges of the first born!  Greta was so excited about this new dance outfit, she wanted to wear it as soon as we got back from the store!
Neither of the girls nap anymore (they will be awake till 11pm if they do!), but recently they've both voluntarily conked out on the futon (and once Therese fell asleep on the living room floor, mid-play!)
So squishy :-)

Greta has been really into building with blocks lately.  She often makes her creations very symmetrical.
Well Fall is offically here.  Summer came and went.  It was a rough summer overall, actually, I'm glad to see it gone!  The first trimester is always terrible for me, and always has happened to me in summers.  Aside from that, life has been a bit crazy.  I welcome the routines and celebrations of Fall...and the cooler weather too!

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  1. Look at how long Greta's legs are! They both look so cute - and so do you Megan. Can't wait to see all of you soon!