Thursday, August 8, 2013

Flower Girls

 At the end of June the girls were flower girls in my cousin Mary's wedding to Travis in Bellingham.  They anticipated this event for awhile, knowing they'd get to wear pretty dresses and do special things in a wedding! Here they are practicing at the rehearsal...Therese got a little distracted and decided to go through the pews instead, she needed some extra coaching!
 It was better if they held hands, Greta could keep little sister in line :-)
 We couldn't take pictures during the ceremony, so this is as close as we get to them coming down the aisle as flower girls! They were so cute.
 This was before I started to feel bad with first trimester sickness (I'm expecting our very last child on March 1).  I could laugh, have energy, enjoy life...etc.  Fortunately sickness and extreme exhaustion didn't hit me until the week AFTER the wedding, because it was a really fun family gathering!
 At the rehearsal dinner, keeping busy with coloring always works.

 After the rehearsal and the dinner the girls really deserved some time at a park! We found a cute little one and stopped there a couple times on our weekend at Bellingham. I also had some fun shopping at antique and thrift stores on Saturday before the wedding with Jenny!!
 Sleepy and ready for bed in the hotel! Greta loved having the two beds next to each other, she jumped from one to the other and said she was a "bucking pony"!
 All snuggled up with Therese!
 Ok, here we are for some good, and not so good, photos in the little waiting room before the wedding.  My mom made the girls' dresses, they are beautiful!!!  And she also got them matching gold shoes, and even some yellow sunglasses (both of which they now wear nearly every day, thanks mom!)

 These two...Greta looks great, but I look awkward and strangely posed (I'm sure it was all my choice too...woops...)
 It's really too bad we didn't get some photos with a better back drop! I think we were all a bit nervous and preoccupied about the ceremony, which was soon to be starting!

 Meeting up with the rest of the wedding party.
 Shortly after this Matthew and I went upstairs to sit in the church...and shortly after that we heard Therese crying! I think she finally realized we were gone, and wondered who all these other people were and what in the world was she doing???!!!  Matthew went and comforted her just in time to be done crying before she had to make her entrance walking down the aisle...and by then she had a lovely, calm, sweet expression on her face :-) The girls did great!  Getting through the service, however, was another matter.  Again, Matthew saved the day by taking them downstairs to play so other people could enjoy the ceremony in peace!  It was HOT and involved a lot of sitting, so it's understandable!
 The wedding reception was a blast!  The girls, especially Greta, danced and danced!!!

 Twirling moves!
 Fast fast fast!
 Therese got tired out pretty quick and decided to park herself here, with box after box of raisins, for much of the reception.  This couch was actually for Mary and Travis, but as you'll see, they graciously shared it with her (I don't know if they really had a choice!)
 Dancing it up!  And hugging Grandpa Dan goodbye--he and Linda had a long drive back home and had to preach the next morning, but it was so nice to see them at the wedding.

 Hanging out on the couch...Greta actually spent most of her time dancing, though, she was a party animal!!!
 I love this picture, it's so great!
 And this one too...there's not much better than dancing and singing and laughing, in my opinion.

 The bride and groom!  Such a lovely couple!

 Toward the end of the evening Therese was actually LEAVING the building on her accord saying "Where's the car?"...also she was trying to sleep on various pillows and couches.  Poor thing, she was DONE!!!  Finally, in the car, ready to get back to the hotel and sleep.
 Greta was tired, but she could've partied much longer, I know it.  We left about 10:30ish, having had a fantastic time, and having made lots of great memories.  Thanks Mary and Travis! And congratulations!!!

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