Sunday, June 16, 2013

Good Friends: Cousins and Ponies

A few weeks ago we made a trip down to Seattle to stay with Melissa and Kristen, Ida and Poppy in their new house in Columbia City.
We stayed two nights: the first morning the girls all had a "face time" chat with Grandpa Paul on Melissa's computer!  Here they all are talking to Grandpa.

Ida twisting and turning!
Therese, Poppy, Ida and Greta.
Poppy and Greta.

Ida and TT.
TT and Poppy.

We spent some time checking out the nearby thrift stores, visiting a really fun playground at Seward Park and another one in the area with a water feature (and a zipline that Greta, Matthew and Uncle Kristen LOVED!), and eating some of Seattle's great food.  Too bad we didn't take more pictures! I think we were too busy!
Riding in a car is a real novelty for the girls, since we sold ours in January.  For this trip we borrowed a blue car through our car co-op. The girls were SO EXCITED about the car!!!!!  On the way home, though, they were just tired.  So much fun with the cousins really wore them out!
TT conked out.

Oh those cheeks are so squishy!
One great thrift store find in Seattle was the ponies.  Here's Therese with hers.

And we found an official "My Little Pony" for Greta.  The girls started watching this cartoon recently, and are SO into it! They often pretend they are one of the ponies, and Greta often pretends she is playing with the ponies...these imaginary ponies come with us many places, sleep with Greta, sit at the table and eat with us, etc.  When they pretend they are ponies they put pink and white socks on their feet and arms (sorry, Matthew's the one who watches it with them, so I have no idea if this sock thing has any particular significance!)  Greta can be quite bossy about which pony she and Therese are, and sometimes arguments ensue. It's serious business!
Recently when we were praying at dinner Greta said her usual prayer, something like this: "Thank you God for the trees, and the flowers, and the first tree, and for Mama and Papa and TT and Greta, and thank you for helping us when we're sad" and she also added, "And thank you for the pretend ponies" :-)

See below all the pony drawing pictures? Top left: Rainbow Dash, then next to it: Fluttershy, then bottom left: Apple Blossom (painting), and bottom right: Pinky Pie.


  1. Correction: the pony on the bottom left is Applejack, not Apple Blossom. Further, Applejack's younger sister is named Apple Bloom, not Apple Blossom. I do not know if anypony exists in Esquestria with the name Apple Blossom, though it is possible: the Apple Family is a large and prominent family in Equestria, and of course, is the family responsible for the founding of Ponyville, which developed on and around the site where Granny Smith and her parents planted their first orchard, just beside Everfree Forest. Given the rich history and widespread influence of the Apple Family, there may well be a pony named Apple Blossom, though she is as yet unknown to Greta, and thus, not likely to be depicted in her drawings and paintings. (Matthew)

  2. haha, very cute. i loved my little pony too!