Monday, May 13, 2013

One Island, One To Go

Playing in the bushes near our house...a good hiding place!
At Science World we discovered there's a huge tree you can go inside and hang out in.  Do you see little TT at the bottom?
In the tree.
Just us girls :-)

And in another tree at the park! Greta loves to climb this tree, and one other one, in particular.  She often climbs it with her friends Alexander and Efa.
Little TT, swinging.
At the playground of a school nearby, Therese pulling Greta in our trusty wagon.
A couple weekends ago we went to Bowen Island, to a retreat centre called Rivendell.  They have a large lodge there as well as a cottage.  Since we've had some hard times lately, our old pastor recommended we get to go there at a very low cost for a weekend.  We got to stay in the cottage.  All we brought for the girls to play with were markers, paper, scissors and a couple baby dolls. It was so simple and peaceful there.
The view from our back deck on Bowen Island.
And another view from the can see the mountains and the water beyond the trees.
Hanging out in the field down the hill from the cottage.
Blurry, but too cute to leave out!
Therese loved sitting in this chair near the fireplace.  At first she was wary of the fire, but then seemed more interested in it.  Greta often requested that Papa keep the fire going all day!
Matthew made a great dinner the first night we were there.
On one of our mini hikes nearby, Greta climbed up these mossy rocks.  She loved exploring.  We often saw deer really close to us, happily eating the leaves.
TT hiking!  She found some interested little round things on the ground and played with them for quite awhile before Matthew saw and told me they were rabbit droppings! Oops. Later Greta drew a picture of them!
On the mossy rocks, such a little sweetheart.
Hanging out on the back deck in their pjs!

There was a nice spot down the hill from our cottage where Greta had us set up a chair for her while she peacefully sat and looked around in her pajamas on the last morning there.

Our cottage, from the back.

Our cottage.  It was so nice with a downstairs and upstairs, hardwood floors, big windows and a beautiful fireplace!
This was near the labyrinth down the hill from the cottage.
Walking the labyrinth.
Near the labyrinth Therese found a nice place to sit above a ditch and right near a little puddle.  She played in this puddle for nearly an hour, with some sticks and stones pretending to look for worms.  She was so into it and barely seemed to notice anything else going on!  Greta found many, many snails in this area and was really fascinated by them!
Greta and Matthew walking toward the beach before catching the ferry to go back home.  Our friends Mark and Petra let us borrow their car, which was really nice.  We had some freedom to explore the island on our last day there...visit this beach, go out to lunch, and get some chocolates before heading back to Vancouver.
Greta especially made a lot of artwork on Bowen Island!  Here is a sampling.  She cuts them out all on her own.  See on the left some kind of sea creature, a nice big pink swirl cut out at the top, in the middle is the picture with the rabbit dropping and some carrots etc for them, and on the top right is a picture of the fire she made and then cut out.

The next weekend we went to ANOTHER island with our old church (Greta's preschool), for a church retreat with many old friends.  As soon as I find the camera I'll get those photos on here!!  It was another wonderful time, and it has felt so nice to get out of the city, travel a bit, and have some out of the ordinary adventures!

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