Saturday, May 25, 2013

Anvil Island

Oh, but before we go to Anvil Island we MUST get into mama's lipstick...especially if we're Therese :-)  Do you see that sassy little lipsticked face? Apparently Therese got into my lipstick while I was at work, and Matthew had to deal with the aftermath.  Here it's mostly washed off, but it was all over the bathroom and the girls had to have baths.  Therese's cheeks and lips still look a little extra red here.
"What Greta do's" this is what Therese often says lately--she really looks up to big sister!
CHEESE again!!!!
Lately at mealtimes all Therese wants to do is put her hands and her fork or spoon or ANYTHING into her cup of milk or water and play...and then spill it.  It's great fun.
She's so cute, look at those cheeks!
And look at those eyes!  She looks a little lipsticked here all wrapped up in her pooh blanket (still her favourite!)
Ok, now to Anvil Island...which is where we went a couple weeks ago for a weekend retreat with our old church, Marineview Chapel, where Greta now goes to preschool.

On a hike to Pebble Beach.

The girls were not into all the bugs they saw there, and Greta even got stung, but it was probably a good learning experience for them both.  Greta is now a little tougher about bugs...Therese still seems terrified of anything that buzzes, though! (Hmmm...I wonder where she gets that from?)

As Therese rode on Matthew's shoulders for the hike, she made up a song about how "Papa has no hair!"  That girl has quite a sense of humour and musical inclinations!
This water was FREEZING, trust me, I tried it out.
Leave it to Greta to fully experience the water, despite the temperature.  She was the only person to do this (aside from one crazy dad!) It was a beautiful, warm, sunny day, but that water was not welcoming to most people! (By the way, you'll probably notice TT tattooed her leg with marker...this is what happens when you don't supervise the children very while you're in a frenzy of packing!)

Therese loved picking up rocks.  She is really into collecting rocks lately. Oh, and she often likes to pretend she's a fish "I a fish", she says, and "Me want _______" and "Wabm Babm" for water bottle...she has some strange language and also is talking more and more and more!

She has real trouble staying modest in this swimsuit!

I know, so many pictures of Therese, but it's too hard to choose just one!!!  She's so adorable in these photos!
In our cabin there were bunk beds, which the girls were really into.  We didn't let them sleep up there, but it was a real treat to play up there for a bit!  I'm such a scaredy-cat about heights...when I went up there I immediately felt anxious about how I'd get down! It was a little bit hard for me to let them go up there!
The girls had so much fun at this retreat, and it was nice to re-connect with old friends (since we used to go to this church).  We were on the island for 2 nights and had all our meals there and a couple chapels each day...there were many other children and we also enjoyed staying up late chatting with friends.  The girls especially enjoyed this area with the sand and a faucet...never-ending fun here!
Trying to all cooperate for a family Sunday were were tired.  It was a memorable weekend for sure!

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