Thursday, April 4, 2013

Happy Easter!

On the bus, on the way to church on Easter morning.  The girls are really into sunglasses--now that the sun is coming out more often, and Therese considers the Mr. Potato Head glasses her sunglasses!
A little photo shoot outside our home after church.  Unfortunately we didn't get any family photos!!! The girls have on nice Easter dresses from Grandpa Dan and Grandma Linda, so fancy...headbands from their visit to Nana Kaka and Grandpa Shayne's!

Greta chose to wear her blue boots with her fancy dress!  The girls had such fun that day.  They went on an Easter egg hunt at the park down the street with our neighbour Tegan.  Then we hid the plastic eggs over and over again to repeat the fun until they were tired of it!  Therese calls the eggs "patinos" for some strange reason, and she loved to say things like "I see orange patino!!" After all the hunts we had Tegan and her mom Brigit over for a great Easter dinner.  It really was a wonderful day, and full of sunshine!  Here in Canada some people get a 4 day weekend for Easter...I am one of those people.  It was so nice.

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