Sunday, April 21, 2013

Birthday Month! Happy Birthday Girls!

A couple weeks ago Greta turned 4!  Here she is that morning, wearing the birthday crown from preschool, where she had celebrated the day before.
Lots of presents to open!  She wanted art supplies, and got many paints, new markers, scissors, paper, and stencils.  Greta is quite an artist--her output is amazing! She makes so many pictures, and is also really into cutting lately.  We got her some squiggly scissors, and for awhile she was in the habit of using them first, and then the straight ones to "make it smooth".  She often makes pictures and cuts them out.  The other day she made a big picture of a table, and created a bunch of cookies she'd seen at a neighbourhood bakery, cut them out, and taped them onto the table!
I made her Starlight Cake, from one of my old Better Crocker cookbooks :-) We had it for breakfast!
She really does seem 4. She asks questions all the time, lots of "why"s, she's started to experiment with writing her name, often asks what a couple different numbers make (what's 10 and 8?), is silly and plays with words to be ridiculous and funny, loves to help Therese with things, and continues to be a sensitive, empathetic and caring little girl.  She's tall too! At her most recent check up she was in the 85 percentile for heigh and the 65th for weight!  
TT loved wearing this "bu-den hat" to celebrate Greta's birthday!
The weekend after Greta's birthday she had 3 preschool friends over for a birthday play-date: Sofia, Zena and Jonathan (plus Zena's brother, Axel in the background who's Therese's age).  Again, THANK YOU to my parents for any and every birthday part you ever organized for me!  Wow, these events STRESS ME OUT!!!  We played at home, ate snacks and home-made ice cream with toppings, and then went down the street to play at the park.  Everyone took home a balloon, and it seemed they all enjoyed themselves. This kind of thing is not for me...I could never be a party planner :-)
A couple weeks later we celebrated Therese's 2nd birthday!  She always eyes this big butterfly balloon at the grocery store we often go to, "flufferfly boon!", so the night before her birthday Matthew went and got it for her.  When she first came out in the morning she saw it and smiled so happily saying, "Flufferly boon in my home!" and tried to hug it!  Oh, it was so so so sweet :-) Here she is pleased as punch with her big balloon and little sunshine balloon, ready for the day.
At her most recent check up she was in the 65th percentile for weight and the 50th for height...I'm glad she's hanging onto her baby chubbiness a little longer! She's so squishy and round!!! (is it safe to say both my girls will be much taller than me??)
Look at that crazy morning hair!
First thing after waking up we had to take a long journey on 2 busses across town to the dentist!!  BUT after that we all were at home to open presents. Greta was a good helper with opening :-)
Therese got a little lockable house with people, some cars, some balls, and a squeaky monkey that Greta picked out.  I think she likes the monkey best, and calls it "My mon-ey" (she's holding it here). The other night she wanted to sleep with it, and whenever she rolled over it squeaked really loudly!

After a long day, here she is in some new birthday pajamas from Nana Kaka, ready to eat a cupcake.  I decided not to ice these--just put sprinkles on--thinking the girls might actually eat them without the frosting to distract...but no, I was wrong :-)
Time stood still here, she really enjoyed having "Happy Birthday" sung to her! She soaked it all up.
She was pretty successful with blowing out her two candles!
Greta looks a little jealous in this picture.  For Greta's birthday Therese didn't seem jealous...probably next year...and in the morning of Therese's Greta had a little meltdown, wanting the balloons Therese had etc.  But she went and had a heart to heart with Papa and after that she had such a kind, caring and supportive attitude all day!  I was really proud of her!

Matthew especially loves giving the girls treats, and was happy to also give them ice cream cones for Therese's birthday!  What a celebratory month!  He had a birthday late March...birthday, birthday, birthday! It's officially spring!

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  1. I love these pics of your family. Please give the girlies lots of hugs and kisses from me. Nana Judy