Friday, February 22, 2013

Crazy Sisters

My mom made the girls matching Christmas capes.  A few weeks after Christmas we had a special delivery of gifts from my Grandpa Ronnie, his girlfriend Thelma, and Uncle Dave in Spokane...the capes from mom were included.  The girls had fun celebrating ANOTHER Christmas!
This picture is out of order for some reason, but here's our cute, sweet Greta :-)
And the crazies their crazy glasses from Great Grandpa Ronnie!  They also got  these cute little Santa lanterns.  For awhile they were using them all the time, but apparently now Therese is slightly scared of them!  She doesn't want the "Ho Ho" in her room at night.
Time for some painting. I'm pretty sure this painting scene became quite unsupervised at one point (thanks to me) and the girls ended up ripping the paper, tossing it on the floor, and also painting some of the floor.  That was some good mama'ing wasn't it?  (To the best of my recollection, I just wanted to have an uninterrupted conversation with my husband in another room! It was worth it.)
TT loves to put these boots on, for some reason.  They look best with just a diaper :-)
 This situation warranted several pictures.
 Too cute.
Here Greta is taking care of Uncle Kristen, cousin Ida, and cousin Poppy.  When I asked her where Aunt Melissa was she said "At work".
 Reading together after church.
One morning recently we were trying to get Greta to get herself dressed.  This is what she came up with (by the way, that is a skirt she is wearing as a shirt, with a scarf for suspenders, and socks for mittens!!!!! And no, we did not let her out of the house like this!)
Again, out of order somehow!  More reading together.

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