Thursday, January 10, 2013

A Week of Christmas

Christmas morning!  Mom and Shayne arrived bright and early, and the girls woke up right on time :-)  Mom and Shayne went to their room to play while I got the living room all festive for opening presents.  (It was tradition in my family growing up that the kids don't come out of their room on Christmas morning until the coffee and tea and juice and snacks were ready and the candles were lit...I do the same, and the girls were very patient!)
Matthew slept a tiny bit longer because he had been up all night assembling the toy kitchen we got them from Grandpa had just arrived on Christmas Eve, we were busy all that day, and he had to be at the 11pm church service that night, getting him home after midnight!  I came out at 3:30am to see how it was going, and the kitchen was halfway done--nowhere to put it, and nothing to do but finish it! 6:30am he came to bed, and got up at 8!  Wow.  I couldn't have done it.  Thank you Matthew!
Ready for Christmas morning! The night before Greta requested Christmas pajamas...she doesn't have any, but was satisfied with wearing a red shirt and green pants to bed :-)
Stockings!  The girls were so into their stockings, they actually pretty much ignored the play kitchen in favour of eating the candy from Santa!
Grandpa Shayne loves to wrap presents.  He wrapped this one to Therese in a whole roll of crepe paper...the girls both loved playing with this stuff!

Nana Kaka made Greta a couple of dress up dresses.  (oh, and there's that play kitchen behind Greta...)
Here are the girls in the dresses my mom made. Apparently my mom had already made Greta the blue one and then Greta specifically requested a PINK one! So she made her two!  Therese is wearing the blue one and holding her prized football from Santa.  For awhile she even wanted to sleep with that ball...!
Opening the talking puppy from Santa :-)

We had a wonderful Christmas Day.  Mom and Shayne were there for the morning, and then they left for Shayne's sister's.  We spent the afternoon playing and napping and lounging around, and then left for a fabulous gourmet dinner at the home of one of our pastors.  The girls had a great time there too.  It really was a nice Christmas.
The next day Melissa and Kristen and our nieces Ida and Poppy arrived.  Here's the "kid's table" complete with battery operated tea light candles in the middle (oh my goodness it was so adorable to see the 4 of them sitting there eating together!!)  The girls had such a great time together.
Slumber party time! All 4 girls shared a room.  It went really well! In the morning they were so excited to wake up and talk and play together, it was fun listening to them before the door was opened :-)
The futon was down and a great place to play!
Poppy combing Therese's hair with a doll comb :-)
Next came Nana Judy and Grandpa Hans for a visit!  The girls received this treasure box from Nana and Grandpa Hans full of costumes and accessories.  Therese really likes getting into the box :-)
Fancy Greta!!!
(woops, out of order...Christmas morning with Grandpa Shayne!)
The girls love to dress up!
Our last visitors of the week were Jenny and Dalton.  We had one more Christmas with them :-)

Silly glasses!  Every time Therese sees them now she points at them and laughs!
I love those chubby cheeks :-) She's so squishy!
More silly glasses!!!
More squishiness...
Aunt Jenny helping Greta drink her milk with the glasses :-)
Jenny helped me make a big batch of mac and cheese--it was really good.  We had a fun evening together eating and playing "catch phrase" after the girls went to bed.  So much laughing!!!
Stories with Aunt Jenny and Uncle Dalton---how special :-)

Whew! Our week of Christmas was so full.  It was a wonderful time.  Next week Matthew starts his new job at our church, and, having gotten my work permit back last week (yes, I had to stop working for awhile in December...immigration issues...) I will resume my afternoon job at the beginning of February.  Change is coming, and change is here.  2012 was a rough year in many ways, but 2013 is off to a hopeful start!  Happy New Year!

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  1. we had a great time! we will have to do cousin time again very soon. :)