Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Ready for Christmas

 Getting ready for our annual family Christmas photo.
 Setting the timer...
 And......made it! (Actually it wasn't as easy as this, we have many more not-as-good shots, but overall, it was pretty painless.)  Now we can add this to our hallway of yearly family photos :-)

 I love TT's face here :-)
Unfortunately Therese fell into a chair at Greta's preschool show a few days ago--the bruise on her cheek is still visible.

Therese had a fever around Christmas Eve.  Lately she's become more attached to this blanket.  The blanket has a similar feel to the robe my grandma got me for Christmas--whenever I wear it Therese wants to pet it and snuggle up with me :-) Sometimes she even points to it to request I put it on!
Christmas Eve with Grandpa Shayne!
And Nana Kaka!  Of course as soon as I decided to take this photo Greta tried to wriggle out of Nana's lap! She's had some long days lately...she's learning that Christmas is indeed exciting, but it's also tiring.
 Ready for Santa to come! We set out some cookies and milk, of course.  Greta is really into it this year.      
For our last Advent activity we made a Christingle (thanks Uncle Kristen, for the initial idea).  Apparently it's an English tradition: stick a candle into an orange, wrap a red ribbon around it, and add some sweets on a toothpick to the sides.  The orange stands for the world, the red ribbon stands for the blood of Christ, the candle stands for Jesus' the light of the world, and the sweets represent the sweetness God brings out of us.  (I hope I got that right...!)  It was a great way to end Advent and get ready for Christmas Day.

After the Christingle was finished we lit it and sang Christmas songs.  Greta had a hard time stopping for bedtime stories, and went on and on making up her own carols.  The video gives you a little sampling of that. Merry Christmas everyone!

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