Sunday, December 23, 2012

Grandparents and Snow!

Last weekend Grandpa Dan and Grandma Linda came for our first Christmas celebration of the year! They watched the girls so Matthew and I could go to my work Christmas party, and then the next day we were all busy with lots of fun together.
Here the girls are wearing their princess nightgowns from Grandma and Grandpa, and they are each holding up the ornaments they picked out at the store recently: Greta chose a fancy red ornament, and Therese chose a little owl.  She points to it and says "Hoo Hoo!"
Cuddling up with Grandpa :-)
 New nightgowns!
 Look at those eyes :-)
 Opening presents!
 I think this one's the Lady and the Tramp DVD
 Miss Molly Manners dolly from Great Grandma Hope and Great Grandpa Harry
 A pretty new dress from Grandma and Grandpa...Therese loves this dress.

Greta loves this Pinky Pie Pony from Grandma Hope and Grandpa Harry...
A pretty new dress for Greta too! Her new favourite.
A new outfit from Grandma Hope and Grandpa show!
 And Therese, in her sassy new Hello Kitty outfit too :-) Complete with blazer!

 Whew! Time for a rest after all those presents!

Greta spent a lot of time taking care of her new pony that day...feeding it, wrapping it, petting it, putting it to sleep.
It's a tradition to go on the horse and carriage ride in our neighbourhood as much as possible in December.  Each Saturday there are free rides on it that pass right by our home!  The girls love watching it out the window and, of course, going on it too.  Here we are on it with Grandma and Grandpa too!
 Greta looks a bit tired here...and she was.
 Out for lunch.
There goes the carriage--thanks to Linda for taking this picture from the restaurant. We had such a nice visit with Dad and Linda.  Too bad they missed the snow...!  I know my Dad would've loved to play in it with Greta a few days later!
On the day of Greta's preschool Christmas party it snowed for nearly 24 hours straight.  Tons of snow.
Greta has always loved the snow.  It's funny because Therese kind of just wants me to hold her when we're out in the snow.  She likes how it looks, but doesn't want to have much to do with it!  Greta, on the other hand, has always wanted to sit in it, lay in it, put her face in it...(just like how she is with puddles!)...oh, and eat it too.  I am so grateful to the friends who watched her that afternoon while Matthew and I had an appointment--they took Greta out in the snow for a couple hours and she had such a great time!
As the snow has slowly melted around here, Greta has held on to any last piece she can find outside, taking it home to put in the freezer.  The other day she even sang the White Christmas song "Snow....I long to wash my face, my hair and hands with snow..." while indeed washing all those parts of her body with the snow! She's such a character.
 A quiet moment by the tree.

 Doing "Nose to Nose", otherwise called "Nuun" by TT

Our creative genius hard at work on decorating this box and putting many of my candles inside of it.  She said it was a new centrepiece for the table :-) COMPLETELY all her idea, and it COMPLETELY engrossed her for a good 30 minutes.
This is what Therese really gets into lately.  I often find her playing with these on her own, diligently building towers.  If they fall she has learned to say "Oh no!" with a sweet smile and attitude, and then she quickly sets to work building another one :-)

This last picture is of the girls getting their Advent chocolate after dinner.  We have been doing this all December, along with opening up notes in our Advent houses that give us little special tasks to sing songs, watch movies, or read books or passages related to Christmas, or sometimes do crafts or baking activities or other special outings. It has been a lot of fun.  Only one more night of that and then Christmas is here!  It always comes so fast, doesn't it?  It's going to be a busy week of family visiting here, but we are so grateful for the company.  We had such a nice time last weekend with Dad and Linda, we look forward to seeing more family starting tomorrow with Mom and Shayne!
This video is of the girls dancing to one of their favourite Christmas songs from the Muppet/John Denver Christmas album I used to listen to all the time as a child.  Greta is SO into Gonzo lately...she is a bit obsessed, as a matter of fact.  The muppets go with us everywhere, and Gonzo is often doing strange tricks around the house, much to Greta's amusement.

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