Sunday, December 16, 2012

Christmas Time's A-Coming

Welcome to our new blog! We are glad to have you here!
Like good Americans, we got our Christmas tree the Saturday after US Thanksgiving.  We didn't celebrate the holiday here this year, which was sad, and a first for us.  So we had to mark it somehow!  Here we are at the Christmas tree farm.
See below there was a fire pit for roasting hot dogs (of course Matthew had to end up eating it, the girls snubbed their noses...) and there was hot cider, which Greta loved.  The girls had a lot of fun running through the aisles of trees and trying to help Matthew and I choose the best one.
Recently a friend of Matthew's went to Disneyland...and brought back some gifts from the girls! These t-shirts are a bit big, so they serve as "nightgowns" and the girls LOVE them!!
Time to carefully get out the Christmas decorations.  Greta and Therese of course thought this process was VERY special. For the next few mornings Greta would run out of her room to see the tree, and she still usually takes some time to sit on the couch or futon and just look at the tree.  One day shortly after the tree was up she was sitting on the futon and she said something like "I just love to sit on the futon and look at the tree and listen to Christmas music"...which really sounds like something my Dad would say :)
The angel on the top we recently bought at a thrift store in the neighborhood for $1.50!  It came in the original box, and I looked it up online to discover that it's at least from 1950. It is so awesome!
Also from that same thrift store we came across this really great church...see to the very right of the photo? On top of the record player we NEVER use?  It lights up and changes to all these different colors.  The girls LOVE it (and so do I...)
Here's TT at the carol sing at our old church a couple weeks ago; Greta now goes to this preschool so we still stay a bit connected to their events.  This particular event is something we've gone to for the last few years (with the exception of last year), and this year, since Greta's in the preschool, she was OFFICIALLY in the show.  Therese tagged along too :-)

 Ready to be an angel and go up front!

 See that little TT angel with all the big kids?
Greta was pretty enthusiastic about singing up front (and not the least bit shy).  After the show was over she reflected on how much she loved being in the concert.
 And next: the sheep!
 Singing and getting ready for the kids to go up front again.

 Wise men now.

 Ready to give the Baby Jesus gifts.
This week Greta's preschool will put on another show, to mark her last day before the New Year. It should be fun!
These photos have nothing to do with Christmas, but I want to include them anyway, I think you can see why :-)

 Getting into Mama's closet before work...

And here I am stealing some of the images that were taken of Greta at her first professional photo sitting at preschool...we decided to save our money and not order any (honestly, we have PLENTY of pictures of her!) but I wanted to save the memory anyway.  Sorry they're so get the idea.


  1. so fun!! Can't wait to see everyone soon - that comment that Greta made about sitting in front of the tree...I can totally relate. :)

  2. TT looks like a psychedelic hobbit in that wig. :) and what cute little sheep/angels/wise men!